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Have you ever wondered what diet secrets are, or what is the newest diet plan she's hosting on her show? We have what you need, from diet questions you might have been too embarrased to ask, to great source and diet plans that can help you lose those pesky pounds. We even have diets that Rachel Ray featured, including Rachel's acai berry diet and the powerful belly diet. So stop making excuses with your diet situation - get in the best shape of your life, with help from here.

Diet FAQ's

Weight Loss Apple Is the diet you're on really working for you? How do I lose the most weight with the least amount of effort? Whatever your question is about dieting, any diet on Ms. Ray's is featured, what works and what doesn't to make it easier for you to find the right diet for you. RachelRayDiet's compiled diet FAQ is bound to have what you're looking for. Discover RR's Diet...


Benefits of Dieting

There are a multitude of studies that back up a healthy diet and exercise. Dieting, or more importantly, a healthy weight, can ward off many diseases and even sometimes prevent the onset of some disease as we grow older. Include healthy drinks like acai berry and colon cleansing for better results. Learn about other diets... Fruits and grain


Acai Berry Diet

Acai Berry This Amazonian-native berry is the superstar fruit that's all the rage. Rachel Ray featured the Acai Berry Diet on her show, "Rachel Ray." Scientific studies have shown that the acai berry is one of most powerful fruit around, with a list of nutritional benefits that can help anyone. The acai fruit diet from her can help you can lose those pounds quickly and efficiently. Learn about the acai berry diet...

Colon Cleansing

Everything we eat eventually ends up on the colon, so a healthy colon is necessary for good health. All junk food we eat slowly toxifies our bodies, withering our colon away. Detoxing helps you remove the toxins that reside on the bowel/colon. Use the colon diet to help clean out your colon of all the toxins that may be hindering your weight loss and good health! Read more about the colon cleanse diet... Colon Cleanse Bottle

Flat Belly Diet

Flat Belly Eat for a flatter stomach! So what is this belly diet that has even Rachel Ray talking about it? Find the basics all about the Belly Diet, including how to stay on the wagon so you can lose all those pesky inches around your waist. Discover a flat belly today...

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets can be expected to be more effective for weight loss than low-fat diets. Why's this? Because not all calories are created equal. Find out what the benefits of a low-carb diet are, and increase your chances of success. Learn about the low-carb Ray Diet... Low Carb Dinner

Natural Dieting

Fruits Diet the natural way for permanent weight loss. No pills, no supplements, just a healthy and natural diet with exercise. Learn how to start your diet from Rachel Ray regime so you can lose those pounds and keep them off. Read More about diets...



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